Welcome to Sahara Travel

Sahara Travel is specialised in desert expeditions and themetravel through North Africa and the Middle East.
 We avoid the masses by taking you a step further into the country through its exquisite landscapes, taking you to places others won't.

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You could come to us for an introduction or to reunite with the desert, by using four wheel drive Jeeps, cameltours, walking-tours or a combination of the three.


Go along with the hypnotic rhytm of the camels, riding through the incredible dunes of sand, eating by a campfire and sleeping underneath the stars. At the return to the oasis, a reviveting bath awaits from an warmwaterspring, which runs through the villages. Altogether, these are unforgetable experiences, which we can offer you!


Our offers all start from two travellers or more and are customised. 
So don't  hesitate to contact us and to realise your dream!

 update: 31 october 2016

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